Salve! I’m Laura Briscoe. Some of my students call me Ms. B. I teach Latin at a Catholic high school in Atlanta, GA, and I’m working on my teaching certification at Kennesaw State University. I hold a BA in Latin and History and an MA in History, both from the University of Georgia. I love my school, my coworkers, and my students, and I really, really love Latin. I hope to use this blog to exchange ideas about teaching with other classics teachers.

My Digital PLNs (aka Places I Hang Out and Learn From Online)

Facebook groups:

  • Latin Teacher Idea Exchange
  • Teaching Latin for Acquisition
  • Latin Best Practices: The Next Generation in Comprehensible Input
  • Teaching Latin Traditionally
  • CI Liftoff
  • IFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching

Twitter hashtags:

  • #langchat
  • #latinteach

Podcasts I Love

  • Cult of Pedagogy
  • Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers
  • We Teach Languages